Please send us a email by using “Contact Us” and inform us what product you would like and how many you would like to buy. When we have this information we will send you a quotation

Yes it is possible to use your local beer cooler, but it will take some time to find the correct setup. Please contact us and we will send you a installation guide. If you chose to use your own beer cooler, the capacity of our products can be lower than expected. To make sure you get the best possible solution, we can supply you with a complete unit. The unit will contain 2 of our products and a perfect adapted beer cooler, delivered to your doorstep as a “Plug and Play” solutions.

When you push the valve against the bottom of the glass the valve will open, when the valve is removed from the bottom of the glass, the valve will close and the the beer will no longer be dispensed into the glass. For more more information, please read the user manual under “Operation”