About us

Innovative technology for the event-industry

Hello and welcome.

Event Dispense is a young company that has, over just a few years, become internationally acknowledged for its innovative technology for beer dispensing.

Event Dispense was founded by engineer Jens K. Andersen in 2007 with the desire to create a better concert experiences for both concert-goers and bar staff.

The result is a product line that both increases profits and customer satisfaction with prompt, fresh-tapped beer.


Back in 2007, Jens Kristian Andersen a young engineer at the age of 25 years, participated in a large rock concert with METALLICA together with 50.000 other fans in Denmark.

The large crowd created very long lines in front of the beer tents and the waiting time was close to 1 hour. Due to the long lines the fans started to get frustrated and many left the lines before they got to the point of sale.

After the music event Jens Kristian Andersen contacted the brewery, there was the main sponsor at the Metallica concert. Jens Kristian Andersen was interested to start up a collaboration to develop a new line of products specially designed to dispense big volumes of beer in very short time. In the beginning the brewery was not interested in the collaboration and rejected to pay prototypes and overall development cost. Despite of the rejection, the young engineer returned to his small workshop and after 2 months he returned with a prototype that worked !!!!!

Since that day Event Dispense, has been part of the beer industry around the world, and was the preferred supplier of fast beer dispense equipment to the EURO2012 in Poland and the EURO2016 in France.